Exotics yet to be conquered

“The tranquil blueness of the sea beacons me,

The green country side asks me for company,

The colorful city life wants me to party hard,

The placid mountains look down at me with love.”

It’s strange but true, that I have never traveled outside India. But I have always felt a connection with many exotic locations in the world. I have felt that they beacon me to conquer their beauty and uniqueness and preserve it forever within me. I always call myself an aspiring traveler. Studies, job etc have kept me too busy and drifted from my travelling passion. But I guess and hope with all my heart and soul, for my globe trotting to begin soon.

1. Bali: Blue is my color and hence tranquil serenity of tropical destinations have always attracted me. The golden sand ultimately embraces the blueness of the massive and powerful sea. The transparent waters, the colorful rocks beneath, the smooth coolness of the breeze, the brittle softness of the sand and the never ending blue sky above! A beautiful sea beach is an epitome of natural beauty to me. It kind of sets your spirits free. You feel colorful, you look colorful. The euphoria breathes life in you and relieves you of all stress. Actually I am simply a beach lover, but Bali is one of the most wonderful exotica I want to conquer

2. Spain: Spain had always been in my wish list. From exotic beaches to places of historical importance like Madrid and Barcelona. Spain has it all, to quench the thirst of a wandering traveler. It has a feeling, difficult to describe in words. The movie “Zindagi na milegi dobara” actually infused this craze to go through the feeling in me all the more. The stony roads, the smell of history, the culture, the songs and dances and the bull all make it too attractive to be ignored. It also has exotic beaches to offer. Lastly a Spanish holiday is something; I cannot offer to miss in this life.

3. Amsterdam: While Amsterdam is more known for its exotic night life, but my interest is more in the numerous museums the place is stacked with. Being the capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, its historical interest actually overrides the red light district attraction. I had loved to read Hazel and Gus romance in the streets of Amsterdam in John Green’s “The fault in our stars.” Its natural beauty and metropolitan features makes it apt for all type of travelers.

4. Paris: Oh! Paris….Its been my dream destination for so long. Just waiting to witness its excellence. The city of style and fashion. The capital of France is a great tourist puller from across the globe. Whether it’s the night view of the Eiffel Tower or the uniqueness of the Louvre Museum. Paris has it all to offer to the world audience. Like most desired destinations across the globe, Paris too has an inherent feeling attached to it. The chic quotient reigns supreme when we talk of it.

5. New Zealand: Though head over heels in love with the euphoria attached with beaches, the placid beauty of snow-capped mountains of New Zealand attract my fancies too strongly. The beautiful greenery of the valley and Grey Mountains around infuses so much life that it is possible to dream with open eyes. The life is more like living a dream there. Hence I dream to live there for a few days in my life.

The world is much more beautiful than we can even imagine, it has got a destination for every traveler. Besides the five places I have mentioned there are many more that I want to behold. The real wish list is never ever going to end.


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