Emerald Palms, Varca, Goa

The Emerald Palms

A couple of weekends back, we were in Goa. I call it the let loose haven or the tropical paradise. Each time I have set foot on the golden sands by the Arabian beauty, I have collected new tales to tell. This time we had put up in "The Emerald Palms", a Club Mahindra Property near Varca Beach in South Goa. This was our second rendezvous with Club Mahindra, the first being Gangtok. And unfortunately this time nothing met our expectations. And would firmly "NOT" recommend this property to any Club Mahindra Membership holders. The reasons I have listed in this blogpost of mine.


Goa is one of my most preferred travel destinations. Its air is absolutely intoxicating yet detoxing your heavies. The water, the waves, the breeze, the colourful crowd infuses a new zest of living life. But the location of "The Emerald Palms" keeps you away from the spirit of Goa. Yes, its true that South Goa, is serene, silent and scenic. Its seclusion is its beauty. Yet the part of Varca beach which is near this resort, is isolated to a different level. For kilometres you will see no sign of life, no shack and you can't even buy a bottle of water, and this is the picture of broad daylight. Nights must be scary, we didn't try though. And this secluded beach is again 2 kms away from the resort, with no facility to reach there arranged by the Club Mahindra Management. So if you please to touch the waters of the sea, you will have to drive down 2 kms and find almost a nobody. Yet the beach is exceedingly beautiful, its clean beyond imagination, pebbles, crabs, fishes give you a complete feel of the aquatic life. I would have loved to behold this phenomenal natural beauty, if this was not the only beach available nearby.

The secluded beauty

Posers always...found someone even in that nobody zone


Well not that I have to write much on this topic. But the food was far too expensive and taste wise just OK. There were shacks just outside the resort and most of the younger crowd was having all meals there, one for money and two for the Goan Spirit. And I must admit that I loved the food there.


Well as the readers have already guessed it, that " The Emerald Palms" is away from any market, Church, renowned eateries and each time when you plan to venture out, be prepared to travel for 20 - 30 mins on secluded stretches of roads.

Our Room

Our Room

Tea Time

Chill out at the nearby shack

Chill out at the nearby shack

Overall the experience of "The Emerald Palms" as a resort is just about average. The only thing I loved was the room, spacious, gorgeous and chic. I loved my time within the four walls. And as we were finding it different to go to beaches, due to the location hazard of the property, we chose to convert this trip to a food trip and made it a point to explore some great eateries nearby. My posts on them will follow soon. Till then "bye" and keep reading my space for more updates.....

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