My Sad Romantic Indulgence

I am an ardent reader, but only of fiction. Unfortunately my million tries to concentrate on non-fiction books have all gone in vain. As a kid I loved reading detective books, my famous character being young and vivacious Nancy Drew. As I grew up, I read different kinds of fictions namely romance, detective and so on. When I read a book, it engages me to an extent that I start living with the characters around me. I literally feel their presence, and once I am done with the reading. I suffer from the feeling of void, at least for the next two to three days.

From sometime now, I suppose my sad romantic book era is on. Starting with reading John Green’s celebrated novel “The fault in our stars”, followed by Cecelia Ahern’s best seller “P.S. I love you” and now Ravinder Singh’s second endeavor “Can love happen twice?” which is yet to be finished. The first one is a birthday gift from some dear friends, while the rest were bought by hubby dear to keep up the sad yet celebrated romance of the first.

My narrative is not a book review, it’s just the feelings I went through while reading. The books I mentioned, have already proved their uniqueness across the world. Though what I just wrote, may not be valid for the mentioned novel by Ravinder Singh.

To start with Gus and Hazel‘s love saga “The fault in our stars”. I thought the novel had a predictable ending, but that does not take away its charm. I guess sometimes predictable is what we want. The beauty of the novel lies in the way, the author has guided the plot to flow laminar. The essence is the roaring positivity in the story of two terminal teenagers, which is unique. The realization of time running out of their hands, never stopped them from living the moment. And this is the inspiration that all of us can draw from the novel. Off course besides the, intricately portrayed emotional tale of love. The emotional ups and downs, the urge to live, the urge to love and urge to learn, blends to form a sooth dough which bakes into a nice cake in the mind of the reader. I had cried to read Gus die, and the emotion has remained with me.

Lingering with my emotional phase I started with Cecelia Ahern’s famous “P.S. I love you”. When I started reading the novel, I thought it was not too interesting, as I found it too detailed. But after living with the book for a few days, I felt the presence of Holly and her void life around me. The detailed description of the emotional journey of a woman after the loss of her husband cum best friend, from shattered to calm grows on the reader. Holly had never loved anybody except Gerry, her life revolved round him. After his sad demise at a very young age holly is left to face the challenge of living, and guess what, she had to face it alone! This very realization breaks her to pieces, until she finds out that, her dead husband, had left her with some letters, besides the million memories etched in her mind. The letters play torch bearers and helps her spring back to life once again.

With Holly’s success story of reliving, I started Ravinder Singh’s “Can love happen twice?” I definitely aspire to describe Ravinder’s love story, once I have finished reading it.

Both of the mentioned books have been transformed on celluloid. But I personally couldn’t relate and establish the same emotional connection with the characters as I did while reading. After-all a movie is a time bound interpretation of someone else’s understanding of the book, and can never be compared or rather should never be compared to the book.

The stories I read, were love stories with a tragic ending. Yet the brighter side is, they teach you to love. Love unconditionally with all heart. It reminds of the worth of your partner whom we sometimes tend to take for granted. It makes you fall in love all over again.


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