"Love can touch us one time,
And last for a lifetime"

It is true that the magic touch of pure love can have an everlasting impact. Impact on our mind, body and soul. But isn’t it also true to the core that there is also the never quenching thirst to touch the loved one. Again the thirst to touch his/her mind, body and soul. However we can’t see the soul, it’s not tangible though it’s vulnerable and perceivable. Even mind, if we think of its real meaning does not have corporeal existence, the fleeting thoughts, the knowledge, and the wisdom, none of it is palpable. Still we can touch minds through an invisible wave of perception.

But beyond all the philosophies there is always the desire of bodily touch, care and compassion. In fact it’s a very important chapter in every individual’s book of love. Who can forget the tingling sensation that ran through the nerves and reached the heart the first time fingers met? Who can forget the goose bumps and the hypersensitivity syndromes, when hands touched each other while walking side by side? Who can forget the first handholding while crossing the busy street near college? Who can forget the first hug, the first kiss? No one, because these feelings die out only momentarily but the sensations are perpetual. And like a phoenix rising from the grave, these surface with the slightest incitement.

As we traverse and struggle the rough tides of livelihood, these sensations are pushed aside and professionalism, hypocrisy, diplomacy take their place. But the true meaning of living is not survival, it means adoring every moment as it passes by. For that you need to adore the ones you love and get back the same from them.

How heavenly it feels when your partner feels like a rose petal or a feather. The arousal of love and compassion is from the touch. So touch has its importance, to create and recreate the magic of love in relationships.

It’s been years since Arushi and Aniket have been married. They had love marriage and quite an interesting one. Due to differences between their families, convincing each other’s parents had been a roller coaster ride for them. But that battle was easy because they had each other’s support, a soothing touch, a loving word. But now they were together but their perpetual togetherness has made them take each other for granted. Seldom they exchange loving words, seldom have they looked into each other’s eye and seldom they touch and hold each other out of compassion. They both lead mechanical lives to achieve a goal, a goal to which they cannot really relate. They return late, travel a lot. They have bank balance but nothing to spend on, in fact no time to indulge.

On day Arushi was travelling in her car and it stopped on a signal. Deeply engrossed in reading the shortcomings of the new government and completely unaware of her incomplete life, Arushi casually cast a glance at the biker next to her. He had his partner with him. They rode a worn out bike, had simple and down market clothes on but they wore a smile so real. The wife hugged him from back and lovingly clung on to him. He seemed to enjoy that touch to the core, the heat, the dust, the traffic was unable to irritate him. Arushi felt like a beggar in her huge car.

In the evening the sparks flew and love rekindled, the touch of love resumed.

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