EUPHORIA-Suvali beach Surat

When you are happy and you know it,

And you really want to show it,

Clap your hands!

They say that best friends are made during school life. I firmly believe this saying to be true. However I also believe that there is no age for meeting like-minded people and this most desired encounter with your best friend may happen at any point during the journey of life. Though we actually do not expect to live this encounter in professional life, but in my case I got to meet some of the most interesting and endearing people during the tenure of my first job.

Our planning has no end, we plan to shop, we plan to travel and so on but nothing materializes easily. However that Sunday afternoon must be different, the air was euphoric and beaming with life. We decided to sacrifice our afternoon siesta and set forth towards a beach. Surat is not a land of beaches, yet a few were worthy enough for a visit or two. Suhali beach is one of those kinds.

Ankita, Pooja, Krishna and me got all decked up for a lovely ecstatic evening by the bay. However one of our partners in crime Swati had shifted to Baroda by then.

When four lovely ladies decide to have an outing together, choosing the correct attire is bound to be a concern. We were no exceptions either, no wonder our or rather Ankita’s favorite rickshaw wala was at our doorsteps, before we were ready to sail through the tides of pure fun, selfies and laughter.

Our chatterbox Pooja was at her best that day, and everyone who knows her will understand what I mean to indicate. One of the purest souls I have come across and also the most talkative person I knowJ. So the rest of us had the advantage of sitting back and enjoying, while she leg pulled and bullied the others. However it is worth mentioning, that no one was spared and each of us had our share of ill fate.

Ankita was my roomie from day one and is one of the sweetest friends I proudly possess, a person I can completely rely upon. But then she is our miss touch me not (now Mrs. thoughJ) and demanded utmost care and affection all the times, which we always tried bestowing on her.

Krishna is another lovely girl I came to know, her transparency and candidness is really unique of her personality. She is pretty, has great sense of humor and an adorable friend of mine. However, she is extremely choosy of her wearing, and it’s needless to say who took the longest amongst us to dress up.

Together we set forth, with the setting sun sprinkling its golden hue on us. When we reached Suhali beach the sun was majestically folding his royal robe and hiding mysteriously beyond the unknown darkness. The beach was abuzz with the laughter of numerous groups who had come to spend their

evening, with the tides of the Arabian Sea caressing and touching their feet, the cold, wet sand beneath and the warm rays of the setting sun above.

We merrily walked hand in hand, ran as the gushing waters chased us, made heaves of sand, clicked pics and laughed our hearts out. Though rare but some moments do convince our hearts that life is awesome, and that evening was embedded with numerous such moments.

Job life has given many good friends to me, whom is prize. It’s a blessing to be able to spend some precious moments with few such friends. That evening will always remain with me, I will never forget the spirit and innocence, as if we were reliving our childhood days. After all witnessing a glorious sunset by the bay and the company of dear friends can be nothing less than the promise of a brighter and happier tomorrow. I firmly believe it’s very difficult to find true friends however it’s more difficult to keep the relationship going strong, yet some friendships are bound to happen.

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