The sound of silence- Stop human Trafficking

The tall dark shadows of lust cover my being,

I am used and thrown like a thing.

They pull me by my hair, and push me onto a chair,

They hurt my body, they hurt my soul but why would you care?

I cry, I shout and I beg on my knees,

But you forget my pain with ease.

They buy, they sell, and they treat me like hell,

But you have turned a deaf ear to my yell.

Will my tormenters face the gallows?

Look how they have pulled me into never ending lows………


The old fashioned wall clock struck two; still Minu was struggling to get some sleep. She was barely fourteen, yet she was insomniac. The rehabilitation centre was way more comfortable compared to the kind of living she was used to. Yet the uncomfortable thoughts that were nesting in her mind, transformed her to a shadow of herself. She was scared of the images that return to her as soon as she closes her eyes. It was safer to stay awake. She looked at the cobwebs on the wall with dark questioning eyes and felt like the little trapped insect. Unknowingly like it happens every night, her thoughts travelled six months down the lane. She was a different Minu then.

In a beautiful village in North East India, Minu led a peaceful life with her father, mother and little brother. Life was tough, yet living was worth it. They knew to derive happiness out of daily hardships. The fairy land like village gave Minu her fairy tale love, through Rajan. She met him in school and sparks flew. Life was bliss, when Rajan and Minu walked hand in hand with the Tista flowing by their side in full glory. Going to bed without food in her stomach seemed easier than to pass one day without seeing Rajan.

Minu’s young and innocent mind, couldn’t read Rajan’s dirty intentions. He persuaded Minu to come to see him in Mumbai so that they could start their journey together.

It was midday, when Minu’s train reached Mumbai Central station. She couldn’t believe her own eyes; the beautiful sparsely populated village was replaced by a menacing city. The whole world seemed upside down for her. She cautiously made her way through the roaring crowd, tightly holding on to her belongings. Suddenly a guy approached her from nowhere, and introduced him as Rajan’s friend.

It was dark all around, her torn clothes and bruised body was more comfortable in the pitch darkness than light. She was scared of facing her own image. Suddenly the door opened and Minu who could barely open her eyes then, saw a man paying some money to Rajan’s friend and entering the room in shaky steps. She knew what was next. This torture was going on for a few days then. An animal would come and tear her to pieces and before she collects herself, the next one would knock at the door. But as they say when it’s darkest in the night, the light is nearby. That morning the guy forgot to close the door behind him. Even Minu doesn’t know where from she gathered the energy and courage to run out of that dungeon and face the big bad world.

A traffic policeman had taken shattered and trembling Minu to the police station. After spending fifteen days in the hospital Minu’s physical injuries were healed but the injuries inside were deeper and no medicine could heal it. The haunting memories would live inside Minu forever and torment her from time to time. But at least she was safe; the cruel claws could scratch her bare body no more. But the sound of the silent pain inside her being will stay forever and ever.

There are many Minus’ around us, but in our busy schedule and deadlines, their cries do not reach us. But we all as humans should do what it takes to reduce and finally eradicate this epidemic called human trafficking.


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