Rendezvous with Lonavala Khandala

As the scorching sun embrace the dark grey coat of the monsoon clouds,

We know the rain is here!

When the air carries the tender drops of water in his wings,

We know the rain is here!

When horns are interrupted by the occasional thunder,

We know the rain is here!

And when the greenery of hills wave its magical wand,

We know the rain is here!

Aritra Chakrabarty Sengupta

Mumbai is a city known for its hustle bustle and busy life. They say the city grows on you, in spite of all odds. However even with its inherent busy life, Mumbai adorns a significantly different look in the rains. Being surrounded by the Western Ghats, soothing greenery dominates the look of the city during monsoon. Last monsoon we decided to drive to Lonavala and spend a leisure weekend amidst the greenery and the mist. There is indeed a mystic charm about the ambiance of such hill stations but it holds good only during the downpour.

This trip is special, because I was accompanied by the two most important people of my existence “my mom and my life partner”. The drive was enjoyable to the core, Mumbai-Pune Express Highway is a tourist destination in itself, long stretches of road paralleled by mountains, grey clouds looming heavy and the occasional drizzle or heavy downpour. A cozy wetness tickle your senses and its happening to me while narrating the experience as well.

Lonavala and Khandala do not have too many tourist attractions, however rains inject attractiveness to the landscape making it inherently mesmerizing. As if the rain with its magical touch transforms simple Cinderella to a gorgeous princess, whom every prince wants to woo. Bhushi Lake, Rajmachi point, Tiger point are a few of the most visited spots. However the drive to Bhushi dam and beyond up, was the most exciting part. With heavy torrential rain, dense fog and poor visibility the journey was no less than an adventurous roller-coaster ride.

Our cozy room in Sardar Sarovar Portico, good food, best company, an occasional spa and steaming cups of coffee with the blanket around made the trip, truly stress busting.

Lonavala- Khandala cannot be termed as exotic destinations for holidays, but monsoon do bless these places with a beauty worth beholding. Comfortable food and lodging, and easy commuting from Mumbai, make it ideal for a weekend getaway!


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