My radiance obsession

As the looming shadow of darkness descent

The vast blueness vanishes with lament

As the entire existence smothers in its might

The flickering flame of the candle gives darkness a fight!

-Aritra Chakrabarty Sengupta

Darkness can be either internal or external, but I detest both. Light of

positivity, light of innocence, light of love and lights in general have always

attracted me, even as an infant. I remember, during my first visit and

exposure to the natural grandeur of the hill stations of Bengal, how much I was hooked up to the night view ofthe sparsely populated hills. I was

immensely fortunate to view the extravaganza of Diwali on the Kurseong

hills. Looming dark hills served as a splendid backdrop for the thousand

little burning lamps.

When I shifted to Mumbai, this city of lights annoyed me in ways more thanone. The slow moving traffic and the fast moving life, left me craving for a breathe of fresh air. My only respite was the view from the French window of the living area of my rented apartment. However soon my hubby decided to buy an apartment of our own. And the search of locating a piece of

property apt for our kind of life and living began. However I stuck to my

requirement of an apartment in the top floors, so that I could silently view the city lights from the darkness of my own little space, as rightfully lights are best appreciated from shadows of looming darkness.

My apartment on the 16th floor is just the way I wanted it to be. Though

we had to pay some extra bucks due to my “radiance obsession”, as I call it. But Avishek (my hubby) supported me in my madness, as he always does.

Every night in my apartment is star studded with the backdrop of hills;

I silently admire them and think, “ This city really grows on you, even if u

deliberately try to hate it”!

As I sit admiring the stars in the sky

The little stars on earth wave to me

“Look” they say, “here I am Gleaming with reality”

“Beautiful from a distance, harsh when near”

“But still you admire me, because I make the city what is it.”

Aritra Chakrabarty Sengupta

I unfortunately don't have a very clear image of the view from my apartment, the images used are courtesy Google.

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