My musicaI in Nakki Lake-Mt.Abu

“Ei sundor sharnali sondhyae, eki bondhone jorale go bonbhu!!”

The rhythmic strokes of the spade creating ripples,

The setting sun spreading its golden hue,

The cool alluring breeze caressing our souls,

And his music!!….

Some bubbles in my stomach,

Gentle holding of hands with love,

Nakki lake and the intoxicating Abu air,

And his music!!......

Aritra Chakrabarty Sengupta

I didn’t know when my eye lids had embraced my eyes and deep felt emotions had surrounded my inner being. I wanted to let loose and feel every passing moment without an iota of negativity. Such moments of ecstasy are rare, magical and breathe life into existence.

I always wanted a fairytale life and though reality is not always like my imagination, life is kind enough to bestow with some fairy tale moments.

Mount Abu was our second trip together after tying the knot. Romance and ecstasy was in the air of the little hill station at the foot of the Aravalli. They say that the Maharajas of Rajasthan would come to Abu during summer to get respite from the scorching desert sun.

The hill station is indeed blessed with a beautiful landscape, the charm of which is quite a contradiction to the desert. The Aravalli hills are rocky at one point and green at the other. Colours play hide seek under the vastness of the clear March sky. Surrounded by the hills in the vicinity is the magnificent Nakki Lake, a famous tourist attraction.

The lake with its surroundings was captivating in ways more than one. The sedate blueness, the happy faces and the colourful dressing of the local people made the area so full of colour as if it represented life. Street shopping couldn’t be more soulful than this. The market area with the signature merchandise of Rajasthan like bangles, Rajasthani dresses and turbans looked like the master stroke of a skillful painter.

It was our last day in Abu and we decided to spend it just the right way. Strolling lazily by the colourful lakeside we felt each other’s presence deep within. The sun was setting in full glory painting the sky red while the couples painted Abu red with romance. The soothing cool breeze, the multitude of hues above and our sudden discovery of getting late, is the beautiful evening going to end so soon? As we walked past the park around the lake, we noticed a blind man, silently playing a famous Rajasthani musical instrument called “Ravanhatta”. The tune was beautiful and we went to praise him for his skills. Immediately he said “babu if you pay me, I will come to play my instrument with you, on your boat ride”!!!

The boat moved lovingly fondling the lake water, it was dusk and the sun was bestowing its last beauty before going to sleep, we sat hand in hand and he played and played and played….. Tunes which have remained with me.! We paid him, may be more than he had expected but what he gave us is priceless and timeless to me. He gave me my share of fairy tale, my musical……!!!!


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