Mahabaleshwar-Maharashtra Unlimited

Where the green and the grey of the mountains,

Touch the blue tranquility…

Where waters of the crystal clear lake,

Summons with placidity ….

There I holiday with dear friends,

And every moment is well spent in the serenity!!

Aritra Chakrabarty Sengupta

I love to holiday, no matter what the destination is, I always succeed in deriving some sort of inherent pleasure out of it. The joy and gaiety is not bound with time. It doesn’t confine its admirable self within the boundaries of our limited stay in the holiday destination. In fact, the derived pleasure stays with me and helps recreate its image through my blogs. But unfortunately it’s been long, since I set forth exploring. But that definitely won’t stop me from pursuing my other passion, “painting with words”.

on the way to Mahabaleshwar....

Our weekend trip to Mahabaleshwar, was one such rose to my bouquet of remembrances which I wanted to blossom through my blogs. When we shifted to Mumbai, I deliberately wanted to explore the nearby destinations, and Mahabaleshwar was my first opportunity to indulge. We (my husband and I) were accompanied by two of our besties Shalaka and Nilesh, on a road trip to “Mahabaleshwar”!

view from our hotel balcony....

Our travel to Mahabaleshwar was indeed a joy ride, the gossip, leg pulling, occasional halts at road side eateries and above all the visual treat of the charismatic landscape by the road.

January is supposed to be a cold month, and more so in a hill station. Contradicting the expectant behaviour of Nature, Mahabaleshwar was cool to warm! However, cannot put the entire blame on “global warming”. The exorbitant number of fun loving Mumbaikars, who had gathered to have a chilled out weekend and enjoyable encounters with nature contributed to the temperature rise to a commendable extent! No doubt it was the extended weekend of 26th Jan’13.

Mahabaleshwar is mesmerizing, its green yet rocky mountains is typical of the place. The breath taking view of the valley, placidity of Venna Lake at the heart of the hill station, redness of farm fresh strawberries, the alluring breeze and the happy faces around infusing festivity to the ambiance made my stay worthy. While morning was reserved for sight seeing, evening was for fun and chill!!! Of all the places of interest, I found the elephant point to be most intriguing. A rock naturally moulded to resemble an elephant, quite interesting I would say!!

The few days of stay in Mahabaleshwar, left fond memories for me. It’s not the best of holiday destinations but worth a visit for sure, and if that’s possible with great company, I am sure it will make a holiday worth remembering, as it was in our case.


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