Dilwara Jain Temple-Mt. Abu

I stand awestruck and mesmerized by your skill

Oh! An epitome of artistic sense

Never knew shapeless stones would look so graceful and living

Dilwara Jain Temple of Abu is indeed a spectacular example of Indian art and craft.

Aritra Chakrabarty Sengupta

Abu a small hill station at the foot of the Aravalli range! Green and grey mountains and colorful people of Rajasthan impart it with a flavor so different from other hill stations of India!

Rajasthan is not a mere state, it’s like a rhythm. Harsh desert conditions impart an urge to lead a life so visibly full of color, that the dullness never enters hearts. The roaring of the fearsome desert winds is out shined by the soothing tune of musical instruments and softness of regional music. No wonder Rajasthan was always known for art and craft. The colorful attire of the local people keeps the spirit of life high and never dying.

Our short trip to Abu have etched fine sketches on my mind, beautiful valleys to Rocky Mountains, sedate lakes to colorful turbans, however the most magnificent creation was yet to behold.

Our tourist bus, filled mostly with honeymooners moved past the winding roads, couples cuddled out of love and chill in the air. There was an aura of romance and our guide kept the spirit going, with his intriguing and hilarious tales.

After covering quite a few lovely tourist attractions, we reached our most desired destination. Dilwara Jain Temple was much more than we had expected. In general, Jain temples have beautiful marble work, but here the artist or artists have taken the art to a different level. It is a magnum opus. The intricate detailing was mind boggling. How much skill, time and patience would be needed to create this kind artistic excellence? From the different Gods and Goddesses to the incredible chandeliers all cut out of marble, would leave the beholder awestruck.

We took a minute to get accustomed to beholding this kind of art. While the pandits narrated the history of the temple, I only kept looking at the work. My eyes drank the artistic essence, just like a hungry beggar would react to food. My ears could almost hear the great craftsmen at work.

Camera is not allowed inside the temple premises, which stopped us from clicking some lifetime pictures. At the same time, I believe the absence of camera made my eyes and others senses do overtime, to capture the beauty and assimilate it forever.

Temple pictures are courtesy google!!


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