My mind is like a nomad, which wants to set foot on the unknown grounds.

The grounds where huge colorful butterflies break free from their caterpillar life, to fly high and kiss the clouds!

The grounds where sunrays fall on the dew drops and create precious diamonds!

Where the softness of wet tender grass caresses my feet and sends serenity through my veins and brings eternal peace to my inner being.

The grounds where I can be myself and think aloud, where fetters of the bourgeois society are broken!

Where love is unconditional but respect is earned!

Where tranquility resides like the cloud settling in a low-lying valley!!

As Gurudev says “Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high; where knowledge is free; where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic wars…”

Blogging came to me recently, though I always loved to write, paint and express whatever I felt about my encounters and experiences, but only recently I came to know that my hobby could be pursued in a more systematic manner. A manner, by which I could convey my deepest thoughts to all.

There are certain tales, which I had borne for years in my mind and when I first started putting them in words, I realized how much I wanted to do this.

As a kid, when I travelled by train, I keenly noticed the changing color of the landscape and topography as we moved past from one state to another. I had realized, I was lucky to be born in a country, where a travel by train, could give birth to thousand stories. As I grew up, I kept collecting memoirs aimlessly, never knowing my inner being, which wanted to express them to all.

I blog to "narrate those tales”, so that they are never lost and are preserved forever. My blogs may or may not be rhetoric, intellectual or informative. But they are bits of me. They are paintings, which I make to express my identity, my life, my living and for emoting from the core of my heart.

I blog to be HAPPY and I blog to be myself!!!!.

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