Kerala Narrative

“Silent night, holy night…all is calm, all is bright”

We reached there late at night. It was December and the small houses of kumarakom, were lit with Christmas lamps. As we know, a good portion of the population in Kerala is Christian, so this time of the year, resonates vibes of festivities through the effervescence of lights. As we entered our resort premises, and walked past the garden to our wooden duplex, we noticed that, beyond a certain point everything was pitch dark. Surprised!! We went to our cottage.

It was our first trip together, elation, exuberance and romance filled the room. The hotel authority had taken care, to embellish the room in a way that the ambiance so created is apt for honeymooners.

I opened my eyes only to see and live a dream, the endless darkness which intrigued us last night, came as a breathtaking surprise as the day unfolded. The morning rays of the sun, unveiled the backwaters of Kerala which had appeared as a void of darkness in the night.

Back Water Ripples resort is an exclusive piece of property. Well spaced, chic wooden cottages surrounded by huge well maintained garden area which led to the back waters. A luxury restaurant, apt for fine dining, a swimming pool and a community centre. Overall the resort was built with all required modern amenities, yet the overwhelming encounter with nature was ensured. Ours was a huge wooden Duplex cottage, spacious and luxurious.

Amidst the tranquil surroundings, our few days in kumarakom were well spent. A houseboat experience, an occasional speed boat ride, candle light dinners were add ons.

However, my most favorite part was the lazy afternoon that I spent hand in hand with Avishek, with the endlessness of the backwaters in front and the vastness of the blue sky above. The Mohiniyattam (classical dance form of Kerala) program organized in the community centre is also worth mentioning and remembering.

Bidding adieu to the endearing Kumarakom after collecting revered memoirs, we set forth for our next destination, “Munnar”.

Kerala amazed the most, by this changing topography and climatic conditions. A few hours of drive took us from the warm, low lying backwaters to the cold, greenery of the mountains. Our resort “Camelot” was located literally at the top of a hill, with jaw dropping view around. The soothing greenery of magnificent tea gardens on the Western Ghats makes Munnar a prized tourist attraction.

The lush greenery caressed and kissed by the wandering clouds, the aroma of the plantations around and the heartwarming hospitality made our stay worthy.

Situated 1600 mts above sea level, this valley quenches the thirst of viewing green placidity. Munnar is blessed with the creator’s extravagance. It’s like a woman whose tender Midas touch, relieves of all pain and vulnerabilities. And sets free to forget everything and loiter around like a nomad smelling wild flowers and drinking dewdrops. With exotic tea plantations, spice gardens, wild life sanctuary and breathe taking view from Camelot, Munnar added beautiful memories to my first trip with my husband. Memories of witnessing God’s own country- Kerala’s lavish natural beauty! We covered a small fragment of the beautiful state, however the experience was fulfilling and overwhelming enough to be cherished forever.


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