My memoirs of Goa, the tropical paradise

The sky was unrealistically blue that day and the clouds were floating aimlessly. Surprisingly the December sun had more power and warmth than expected. It was difficult to look up, after some time a strange dizziness would descend from heaven and loom heavy on head. The waves were breaking relentlessly on the sandy/rocky shore all in vain. As if they were banging their heads at the monarch’ s feet craving for mercy, but the mighty, ruthless monarch was indifferent towards their pray. My dilated pupils were striving hard, to make out the thin line that separated the sea from the sky at the horizon’s end. But gradually a whirling sensation started in my head, the hot afternoon sun, the shining sand and the inseparable blues had started showing its symptoms. I decided to close my eyes and just feel Goa silently.

Before actually beholding its serenity, Goa to me was best known for its happening and loud night life, beer bottles, fun and loose control. Quite a cliché, I would say! However, when I actually set foot on the tropical paradise, I realized that how much the place had to offer, besides, what it is most famous for (or infamous, as I perceive). While Goa can be heaven for hippies and drug addicts, it can also be a serene beach for nature lovers. While it can be the best place for a group of friends to go and just freak out and let loose, it can also be the proud subject of a painter.

Our trip to Goa was planned at least 5 months in advance. I vividly remember that night, when I was very upset and weeping. My husband (Avishek) and I were in different cities due to job location; both of us desperately craved to be under the same roof from quite some time, but were unable to mould our careers, suiting our personal living. That night all vent up emotions had broke loose the dam of self control. Avishek continuously made unsuccessful attempts to soothe, but nothing worked that night. Still shattered with my internal guilt, of not being able to be selfless enough, to take a chance with my career, I went to bed. To my utter surprise (not exactlyJ), I saw my cell phone screen going ablaze. Out of no good reason, I have been staring at it since I ended my call. Desperately I stretched my hand to grab the device. After a formal “hello!” I kept shut; I was hearing something which left my eyes moist and throat sore. He had booked a resort in Goa for our second anniversary celebrations, only to get back the smile on my lips. I had wept like a child out of sheer happiness, had felt so blessed and loved, so this trip would always carve a special niche in my heart.

We reached Goa in the afternoon time; the sun was shining down in full glory, over the long stretches of golden yellow sand. “Santana beach resort” on the magnificent Candolim beach of North Goa was a great property to be in and spend some beautiful moments. Spread over a large area, the property had two swimming pools, wonderfully maintained garden area, a restaurant by the pool and a fascinating floating bar. The room was spacious and well kept, with a nice bedroom, kitchenette, clean bathroom and a balcony overlooking a swimming pool. At a distance we could see the roaring enormous Arabian Sea.

The afternoon sun was harsh even in December, we couldn’t stay near the waters for long, instead we decided to enjoy the view from the famous Calamari beach shack with the rhymic, soulful Goan music and spicy Goan cuisines, the enormous crabs, lobsters…yes indeed our holiday had quite a smooth takeoff. The long, neat stretch of Candolim beach was a visual treat with its blue waters, golden sand and the colorful, spirited people around. Just south of the famous Calangute beach, Candolim was calm and serene.

In the evening we enjoyed a good swim accompanied with a drink at the floating bar. All geared up we went back to our room. It was our 2nd wedding anniversary that day, and I was experiencing the most romantic evening of my life. We booked a table by the pool, as the candle flickered on our table; we sat hand in hand, cherishing our togetherness. The journey which had started from college, had taken a beautiful turning with marriage. Candle light, music, late night stroll by the bay and the occasion itself made the moment very special.

Goa is definitely a very unique holiday destination; its air is intoxicated with unimpededness. There is a beach in Goa for each type of individual. From the tranquility of Palolem to the condominium of Calangute, Goa has it all. The touch of Portugal culture, the forts, the churches, the exotic Goan music, the delicacies of Goa and the colorfully clad people on two wheelers gives Goa the happening yet tranquil tropical paradise image, which attracts tourists not only from India but also from abroad in huge number.

You can also have a taste of adrenaline rush through water sports. We enjoyed our first paragliding session, in Baga beach. We all want to fly high, and that day I really felt I was. Viewing the vastness of the sea from the enormous void was quite an experience. I will forever cherish those memories.

My holiday in Goa is one of the best I have experienced. I loved the beach shacks, especially at night, Goan music, food, the soothing sea breeze and the feel of the soft, cold sand at your feet, creates an exotic feeling inside. The romance, the thrill, the fun composed beautiful rhythms in my mind, which I would always love to think and sing aloud.

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